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RGB Orbital Headlights

RGB Orbital Headlights




RGB Chaser Function headlight Plug and play bluetooth app Best headlight projection of any chaser style color change halo on the market!

built in switchback amber turn signal

JL/JLU/JT option includes our adapter bracket - saves $25! 

 Headlight Install for Jeep JL/JLU/JT:





Once your headlights and fog lights are installed, please follow these instructions:


  • Route the two long RGB wires to the driver’s side of the vehicle along with the white wire provided. The 4 pin connector is for the headlight, the 3 pin connector is for the fog light, and the white wire is an optional turn signal. Plug in the two RGB connectors and follow the directions below to splice in the white wire for a turn signal:
    • Cut back the wiring loom on the turn signal about halfway up the harness. Splice the blue wire into the furthest from the black wire.


  • Note: The turn signal harness has 3 wires that sometime vary in color from the factory depending on the year of the JK. The order of the wire does not change. Black is ground, the middle wire is the parking/running lamp signal, and the furthest away from the black ground is the turn signal. Use a quick splice or T-tap to splice into the turn signal wire.


  • Route the two short RGB wires to the passenger side and connect like above. The passenger side turn signal uses a white wire, splice into passenger side turn signal wire (furthest from the ground like above)
  • Download the “RGB Lights” app on the Apple or Android app store.
  • Press the “Settings” button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Press the “LED Quantity” option in the menu then:
    • Change the “Large Number” to “SMT60.”
    • Change the “Small Number” to “SMT36.”
  • Ensure that the Bluetooth on your phone is enabled before supplying power to the RGB control box.
  • Supply power to the RGB control box by connecting the red wire to the positive (+) terminal and the black wire to the negative (-) terminal, usually uses a 10mm socket or wrench.
  • On the app, press the “Group Manage” button in the upper left hand corner. You should see a device pop up. There will be a two chain links to the right of the name, make sure they are connected.
  • On the main screen of the app at the top there is an off on button, this is how you can turn power off and on to your halos.


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