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Demon Series

Demon Series




Sold per pair

LED Power: 105W

High Beam - 5500 lumen per light

Low Beam - 3500 lumen per light

H4-H13 adapter and antiflicker included for Plug and Play for your Jeep TJ/JK/JKU/JL/JT

DOT Approved with SAE Certification.

Low beam cutoff.

RGB Backlighting - 8 choices to choose from, all ran off a Radio Frequency Remote! No phone app required.

Daytime Running Lights and Turn Signal function (requires wiring).

JL/JLU/JT option includes our adapter bracket - saves $25! 

 Headlight Install for Jeep JL/JLU/JT: 

Installation Instructions for Jeep JK:
Step 1: remove grill - with flathead screwdriver, popup the 6 retaining clips on top of grill, pull top of grill towards you, twist parking lamp connectors down to remove, remove grill by pulling out on bottom

Step 2: remove 4 headlight ring T15 bolts and remove headlight. 

Step 3 (optional): paint headlight ring black, allow drying time of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 4: Hook up your new headlights with the provided H4-H13 adapter or anti-flicker harness (caution: be careful to not break the red pin on the jeep’s connector, use a flat head screwdriver to ease it over the clip on the adapter side.)

Step 5: zip-tie the H13 connector to the JK connector using two 8” ties per side in an X pattern. This ensures a proper connection.

Step 6: Use female spade quick connects to run wire from the green and blue wires off the headlight connector. Route it out the back of the headlight bucket and down towards your turn signal wiring.

Step 7: Cut back the wiring loom on the turn signal about halfway up the harness. Splice the green wire from headlight into the middle wire of the turn signal connector and the blue wire into the furthest from the black wire using quick splices or T taps. The green wire is what powers the white running light AND the RGB backlighting. Turn the backlighting off/on with the provided remote. The green wire could also be put onto a toggle switch. 


Note: The turn signal harness has 3 wires that sometime vary in color from the factory depending on the year of the JK. The order of the wire does not change. Black is ground, the middle wire is the parking/running lamp signal, and the furthest away from the black ground is the turn signal.

Step 8: Ensure both circuits are working by turning your key to the ON position and switching your headlight fob to the first “running light” position. Your white DRLs should be on. Now turn your caution lights on to ensure the amber function is working as well. If everything is functional, clean up your wiring with electrical tape around each quick splice. Check your connections if nothing is working. These lights are grounded THROUGH THE HEADLIGHT harness so it must be installed first for them to be functional.
Step 9: Install new headlight with your freshly painted headlight ring, put grill back on (make sure to twist turn signal bulbs on first before completely re-installing grill or else it may be difficult), pop the retaining clips back in and enjoy your new headlight system from High Beam Offroad!

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