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Warranty and Policies

Here at High Beam Offroad, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products. We also pride ourselves in our UNBEATABLE LIFETIME WARRANTY IF you do have issues. Below we describe what our one-owner lifetime warranty covers and how to go about getting a defective product replaced.


Before contacting us about troubleshooting or replacements on electrical or waterproofing issues:

  1. please check all connections on any model of our lights to ensure they are making good contact and all male and female pins aren't pushed out of the connector. (check by wiggling connectors or pushing them together by the wires)
  2. For headlights in JK's, if the connection is not the issue please take your antiflicker module out of line to rule it out. If your headlight functions properly after taking it out the AF module has failed. If the headlight isn't functioning properly after taking the AF out, the headlight is the issue so contact us below.
  3. The AF modules and headlight adapters are covered under the warranty, if you for sure have an issue with them, contact us below.
  4. For waterproofing issues of any kind, please give it a few days for the moisture to dissipate. If it does not, contact us below if you own anything besides the Drifter, Dune, Cobra, or Kingpin Series'. If you own one of the 4 and have moisture, follow the steps below:
  • Remove breather caps on the back of the light
  • Turn light on for 20-30 minutes (or as long as possible) on a bright sunny day with low humidity
  • Put caps back on when moisture has receded.
Once you have determined something is definitely wrong, we do not require you to send it in for inspection and have you wait weeks for your product. We ship you a new replacement ASAP. We will let you know what to do with the old product via email after you get your replacement installed and the issue resolved. THIS is why we have an unbeatable warranty!
Send the following in an email to and we will get with you as soon as possible:
  • Subject line should be as follows:
    • Full Name - Product Name
    • Example: "John Smith - Eclipse Series Headlights"
  • Include a picture of the product issue (compare it to the other side if possible)
  • Full Name in which the order was placed
  • Order Number
  • Describe your issue
  • Leave a contact phone number
  • Shipping address
Please email us before calling on warranty issues. It helps us assist you better if we know what we're dealing with before you call! Please note that we do not cover warranty labor costs if you have your product installed by a shop who is not an authorized dealer. 

Return Policy:
    • full refund within 30 days of delivery if protective plastic has not been removed.
    • 15% restocking fee within 30 days of delivery if protective plastic has been removed.
    • If you are returning a non-defective item within 30 days of delivery, the full amount of the return shipping costs will be deducted from your refund. 
    after 30 days of delivery, no refunds. If you have issues, they are covered by the lifetime warranty.

      Upgrade Policy:
      • If you are having an issue with an older product, you can upgrade to any other product in the same category for 50% off the retail price of the new product. 
      Sale Pricing Policy:
      • If you order with us 1 week prior to one of our online sales and the product has not shipped, contact us and we will honor the sale price!
      • If you order with us 1 week prior to one of our online sales and the product has shipped, is in transit or has been delivered, contact us and we will send you a gift card equalling the price difference!